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2227 Pump Road

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Dr. Steven Lindauer, DDS – VCU Orthodontics

“The appliances are consistently well-made. It is a pleasure to get retainers delivered and be able to just place them into the patient’s mouth without making adjustments or worrying that they won’t fit. I have been working with Abe for more than 10 years and I highly recommend his services which are high quality at a good price.”

Dr. John Monacell, DDS – Monacell Orthodontics

“I have been working with Abe Babik at Innovatech Lab for over 10 years having him make all of my orthodontic appliances. High quality work, quick turn around times and he is always willing to accommodate us for a rush case. I couldn’t be more pleased and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an orthodontic lab.”

Dr. Graham Gardner, DDS – Gardner Orthodontics

“I am a huge fan of this lab and consider them to be a big part of our orthodontic family. We have used them for as long as I can remember and cannot recommend them highly enough. They have a passion for excellence in their workmanship and their customer service. They are easy to work with and will make every effort to make sure their appliances are of the highest quality. I wish I could give them more than 5 stars!”

Dr. Gus Horsey, DDS – Horsey Orthodontics

“InnovaTech Dental Lab has amazing customer service and always delivers on time. Abe works with us to ensure we can provide the best care to our patients. I recommend them all the time!”

Dr. Paul White, DDS – White Orthodontics

“Talk about customer service! For years I have had an in-house lab and have recently begun working with Abe at Innova Tech. We recently had an issue with a patient coming from out of town and Abe dropped everything he was doing, took an early lunch and repaired an appliance in our office so our patient wouldn’t have to make another trip back to our office. Who does that? Extraordinary customer service is not the only thing that Innova Tech offers. I have been so impressed with Abe’s attention to detail and his desire to please, even if it means remaking an appliance! I’d give them more stars if I could. I can’t recommend Innova Tech highly enough! Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.”

Dr. Majd Babik, DDS – Crossridge Family Dentistry

“Great work and great people to work with. We have been using Innovatech Lab to make all of our orthodontic retainers, TMJ and sleep devices for more than 10 years. They are the best and always on time. We are very happy with their work. And now they have incorporated printing technology so we can send intraoral scans directly to them. Highly recommended”

Dr. Elizabeth Mei, DDS – Dominion Orthodontics

“We have worked with InnovaTech for over 15 years and have the utmost trust and confidence in their work. They have always completed our appliances and retainers in a timely manner. They have even gone the extra mile for us when we needed something made with very minimal turn around time. Everyone is friendly, easy to work with and very accommodating. Top notch appliances and are able to accept 3D scans. Highly recommend!”

Dr. Matt Aldred, DDS – Aldred Family Dentistry

“I’ve been working with Abe and his team for 4 years. Their work is great and the turn around time is fast. Abe makes him self available for phone calls when you need him. I took a tour of his lab recently and he showed me his new 3D printer at work. It’s great that he embraces new technology. My team loves working with InnovaTech. I would recommend them to any dentist!”

Dr. Jeff Beyer, DDS – Commonwealth Orthodontics

“Been working with them for 10+ years – absolutely fantastic work! Quick turnaround times, local pickup and delivery, high quality appliances at very reasonable rates. I would give them my absolute highest recommendation!”

Dr. Eser Tufekci, DDS – VCU Dentistry

“I have been working with Abe and his team for more than 10 years. Their services are excellent and the appliances are well-made. It is a breeze to deliver a retainer when they fit so well without adjustments. In addition, you can get personal service as well. If you need to be creative with an appliance, all you need to do is to give them a call to discuss the case. Also, they won’t mind to expedite the services if you have a rush-order. A great lab to work with where you can get a prompt, accurate, and friendly a service! I highly recommend Innova Tech Dental Lab!”

Dr. Gary Morgan, DDS – Morgan Family Dentistry

“If you are looking for a dental lab with outstanding customer service, honesty, integrity, knowledge and ingenuity you have come to the right place. These guys are the best.”